Windows app - close app (usability)

  • 22 July 2021
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I figured that the common Windows key sequence Alt-4 closes the app, but only if the “boards” tab is selected. This is counter-intuitive and different from any Windows app I use.
Could that get changed in some coming update?

thx, alex.

1 reply

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Hi Alex,

Indeed, the ALT+F4 shortcut only closes Miro app when the Dashboard tab is selected, your suggestion sounds like a great idea to improve our Windows desktop users experience!
Feel free to add it to our Wish List, from where your ideas can reach our Product team. You can find more tips on how to use the Wish List in this handy article.

Using Miro browser version can be considered as a workaround to this, as ALT+F4 will close the browser no matter which tab is selected, but I understand it might not be a convenient one if you mostly use the desktop app.

Thanks for sharing your suggestion!