Will Jira cards keep working when migrating to another Miro environment?

  • 18 February 2021
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We are in the proces of setting up Jira cards in Miro and connecting it to the Jira environment of one of our customers. Since they do not yet have their own Miro environment, we have created a new team in our own Miro.

The question is whether Jira cards, once added to the Miro board, will keep working when we need to copy the boards content from our own Miro environment to theirs? Copying content works fine of course. but will the links in added cards (user stories) keep working if we coy them to another Miro environment and set up Jira to connect to their own Miro environment instead of ours? 



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1 reply

Hi @Frodo Jansen,

When Jira cards are moved from one account to another, they are still displayed on boards but not active (the updates won't be displayed, you won't be able to do changes).

This is the message that you will see: 


To get cards active again, you would need to configure the Jira cards integration with the same Jira instance for the target team and re-add the cards. 

Hope that helps!