What's the best way to get people to input text?

  • 27 April 2020
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Running a workshop here in the next month and I am trying to find the most user friendly way to enter people’s responses.

The issue is this: I have a segment in my workshop where I ask open-ended question. For example, “What are some healthy habits?”

I would like even the least tech savvy attendees to be able to enter text. I have tried using stickies but they are quite difficult to use because they require you to double click in a specific spot. Furthermore, the formatting toolbar that appears is unnecessary and could lead to further confusion.

Any thoughts on what tools to use?


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It is still sticky notes in my opinion. I had previously asked participants to use other tools like text, file uploads, etc. But pulled those back. Stickies are still the easiest tool to get things done quickly.


However, you really need to give time in the beginning to get others to learn Miro quickly. I created a couple of pages for this purpose:

"Intro to Miro": 

"Miro Sandbox": 


I hope these ideas help!