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Hello- I am looking to share a board across my organization that people can easily log into and add, is there an easy way to do this or do people need to make an account? 






Best answer by Robert Johnson 4 May 2021, 16:27

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@NJL - If you have a paid account, you can enable Guest Editor mode by setting the board’s Share settings to Anyone with the link → Can edit. Additionally, you can password protect the board. Using this method, no Miro account is required by the guest.

Note: If you are on the Enterprise Plan, you may be blocked from enabling guest/public editing in which case your Miro plan’s Company Admin would need to enable this for you first - more on this here:

Thanks, Robert! Since you are an expert, do you know it’s possible that if I become a paid user can I hide other boards and only direct people to the one I want to share with them? 

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@NJL - If you are the only paid user on the plan, then on you will see the boards. Other users will only see the boards to which you have enabled the guest editor feature and sent them the board link.