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  • 22 April 2020
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Hi hello,

I am new using Miro and I need to know if it is possible. 

In our Company, we have a lot of icons and it too tired to include each image (icon) using the upload in the toolbar.

Exist another mechanism to import or include our icon assets?

Thanks! your comments or ideas are welcome

2 replies

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HI Carlos,


is there an option to save your icons as png or svg graphics or convert them into this formats?

If so the solution is real simple:

  • Drag all your files togehter (via drag & drop) into your miro board - so you’ve got all your icons in miro.
  • Create a new frame around this graphics and maybe name it to complete iconset
  • Safe it as a template
  • Decide if you like to create categories out of your icons and drag them seperately into new created frames
  • Safe them as templates as well

So as result you’ve got as your own templates and for everybody available with a mouseclick: 

  • Iconcompleteset
  • Category 1 Icons
  • Category 2 Icons



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@Carlos Toso -

To build on Michael’s great suggestion, another option is to just have a single board containing all the images which you have dragged and dropped. If you are using Miro from a web browser, open a tab with that board, and then have a separate browser tab for the board you are currently working with. You can then easily copy and paste images from the “album” board to the current board.