Unable to draw border/outline on the rectangle

  • 27 August 2023
  • 2 replies

I am in the mind map template. I try to put a border on the text by choosing the style of the border from “none” any of the other, however when leaving setting, it does not draw up the outline. The text does not have a border.

The blue box in the image below is indicating the text is selected. This is not the outline of the text. When you step away from this text, no border is visible.

How do you create border?


2 replies

I found a bug!

So, the setting above does not get applied to the object that I set it on. However, if I hit enter and it creates another branch, then it shows the border on the subsequent object.

Thank you @bluetoba.  I had the same problem and it was “solved” by creating another branch and cutting and pasting the info I had in the bugged branch.

@Miro Community Team, do you have a more straightforward solution?