Unable to access a project through JIRA Cards

  • 14 July 2020
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Hi all,


I am looking for some assistance. I have linked Miro to our JIRA instance which has multiple projects on it. However, one of the projects doesn’t appear on Miro when trying to use JIRA Cards functionality. I have spoken to the JIRA admin who has checked the settings and that there is nothing obvious but I guess neither of us know exactly what we’re looking for. Any ideas on what setting we need to change to get this working? 


Any help is much appreciated.





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3 replies

I am also having the same issue. 

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Hey @Keith Anderson @Valerie P

The Support team has helped me with the reply:

The Jira admin who configured the integration should have access to the Jira projects that you want to get access to on the Miro's side. This defines the issues access scope from which the cards on Miro boards can be created. The issues outside of the project(s) will not be accessible to be added as cards.

Could you please check if the Jira admin (who set up the integration) has access to the projects on the Jira side?


If you need more details, I’d recommend reaching out to the Support team directly. Thanks!

Hi @Marina,


That worked and I’m seeing what I need to now. Many thanks for the help, suspected it would be something simple but turned out even more so than I could’ve expected. 


Thanks again!