Transfering the frame with comments

  • 24 March 2022
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I need to copy my frame on another Miro board. 

But when I am transferring the frame, comments do not appear on the second board.

What can I do to transfer the frame with comments?

5 replies

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@Elizaveta Arshinova -

Unfortunately, comments don’t migrate over with copy operations. You can upvote the enhancement request here to enable this capability:


@Kiron Bondale It’s good that it’s a known issue, so hopefully it will be addressed, but it’s been known for well over a year. Do you know if there’s any sort of ETA on a fix?

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Miro does not make their upcoming changes public, not even to the volunteer moderators. 

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Hey there @Kiron Bondale  and @Robert Johnson ! Would love your best advice regarding the “transferring comments” issue.  Here’s the situation:

At the end of a three-park workshop series, I have now made the ‘Master Board #1’ available for ‘view only’ access. They can use the board as a reference/resource/refresher. 

Next month, I will launch a new three-part workshop series, so I will create a fresh ‘Master Board’ (‘Master Board #2’). 

During the first workshop series, we added comments to a selection of frames (around 8 frames out of many). I desperately need for those comments to be accessible, and to add to them in advance of our summer workshop series. 

Possible step 1:

  • Duplicate the ‘Master Board #1’, then delete everything except for those 8 frames with comments. Then, the comments will be carried over. I can build out the ‘Master Board #2’ from there. (And hopefully will not experience any glitches on that board where I can’t duplicate in the future!) 


  • BUT, I actually want them to add to the frames (comments/stickies/etc) as homework. Further, I need the freedom to build out the Master Board #2 without them seeing it!  (Zero access until day of workshop). So….ideally, I would be able to have them work on the homework board (adding to the comments/etc), and then transfer that to my Master Board #2 for the actual workshops sessions. 


  • Is my only choice to actually create the ‘homework board’ (through the process mentioned in Step 1?), simultaneously build out the Master Board #2 (no access for them), and then “embed” the homework board into the Master Board #2 on game day? 

That is rough solution, because then we can’t have all of our ‘stuff’ collected on Master Board #2. Instead, we’ll constantly have to toggle between, in order to retrieve all those comments/etc. 


I’m doing a poor job explaining - and welcome any advice. These people are not super keen on Miro--it’s been some arm twisting, and I want things to be easy for them. That said - we absolutely must have a place where we can add/grow all the ideas prior to our actual contact-time session. 

Should I use something instead of comments, perhaps? Avoid that feature all together, since it won’t transfer over? I don’t mind that we lose the time stamps ...what’s more important is losing all the comment threads.  

One final thing - picture a collection of stickies, organized in various buckets according to topics (VERY simple 101 communication topics - I’ll add. Nothing complex). The participants need to build that out, by adding their stickies, comments, and emojis. aBut if you have a better idea on how to achieve the same goal, I’m all ears!  I did try to explore ‘cards’ a bit, but I’m afraid that might not be useful. 

Thanks in advance, Anne

ps. Side question: Is there a way to select pre-existing stickies, and ‘clear’ their content, without deleting their placement? Kind of like erasing content from cells in a table or spreadsheet?


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Hi again - adding a screen shot to give general idea of the frames that I’ll copy, and then do further independent collaboration (comments/stickies/etc) ---at the next session, we’ll discuss the evolved document (which would ideally be copied to “live” with additional content on a fresh master board).