Comments/annotations on moved or duplicated board elements

  • 21 September 2020
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One problem I’ve run into is the fact that comments do not follow elements as they are moved to other boards or duplicated. I tend to use comments as a way of annotating elements like sticky notes--explaining the sticky note’s existence, giving more detail or context, etc. In the process of organizing boards--splitting them up, combining them, etc.--I often need to duplicate or move elements. Unfortunately, comments are specific to one exact element on one exact board.

A couple of ideas:

  • Optionally allow a paste action to copy comments (e.g., with a UI dialog or special shortcut)
  • Add a new feature called “annotations” which purposely follow the element no matter how it is moved or duplicated

The annotations idea is interesting because it creates a sort of “metadata” about the element that is treated as an inextricable part of the element; this would allow comments to be more about free-form discussion than metadata.

2 replies

I like the annotation idea, as a new feature.

I/we use the comments to pin point issues on whiteboard based drawings (as part of a landscape architectural teaching programme). We often create new boards and wish to transfer students drawings between them and being able to keep the comment tied to the data is essential.

However, it would be great just to be able to use the universal copy and paste feature - which is my issue currently (along with others)  - and to re/add comments is hugely time wasteful and not frankly not practical! 


So it would be great to have both the cc and paste sorted soon with a new ‘annotation’ feature as you are suggesting in due course - come on MIRO?

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Man this is really frustrating today, needing to merge board content and the comments are as important as any other element in there : /