Stuck in overwrite mode?

  • 20 November 2020
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I’m new here and having some trouble figuring out how to use this. (In browser mode.)

Lately I often find myself in overwrite mode when writing and editing my text which makes it very hard to go back and change something in the middle of a text.

Is there a command that switches between overwrite and insert? 

Or is it a Windows/keyboard thing?



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3 replies

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Hi @Hexalobular,

I remember a similar issue reported by a user - it was fixed by just rebooting the web browser.

If it doesn’t help, please record a video of the issue and send it directly to the support team to investigate the case. 

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@Hexalobular -

If the Insert key isn’t letting you toggle between overwrite and insert mode, then as @Marina has indicated, clearing your browser cache and restarting it may help. I’d also suggest trying from an alternate access method (for example, if you use Chrome to access Miro normally, try with the desktop app).

Also, make sure you are using a supported browser as per the list here:



I’ll give those a try next time.