Structuring Large Complex Accounts + Security Permissions

  • 22 February 2021
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TL;DR:  I would like to connect with anyone familiar with very complex account/team structures with a lot of temporary users and complicated security and permission needs.


I am a consultant working with a very large global NGO to help them migrate the bulk of their training and capacity building work onto Miro.  We are designing and building an integrated web of boards (at least 50 at current count) that will serve as synchronous/asynchronous community hubs, university learning management systems, conference launchpads, and many more. 


These boards will be used by thousands of people within this NGO’s network to varying levels and over various periods of time, and the needs for security and access permissions are extremely complex.  This scenario does not fit well into an existing account structure, and we are trying to strategize how to best structure their account, teams, boards, and users to serve these needs.  


If you have any experience that might help us navigate this maze, I’d love to chat!  (I already sent a help ticket to Miro, but thought some in-the-field experience might be informative!)



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