Stop particpants from resizing whiteboard?

  • 19 November 2020
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Newbie here. I used Miro for meeting facilitation for the first time today. It was a disaster.

My meeting was in Zoom. I had a Miro board set  up with 5-across, 5-down post its for an anonymous AMA (Ask Me Anything). I dropped the Miro link into Zoom chat.

It was easy for participants to use the link and access the board, but somehow they expanded the size of the board. It was HUGE. All 25 post its were in a horizontal line. I had to zoom in and move the board around just to read the post its. The clarity of the exercise was lost.

What did I do wrong (so that I never do THAT again)?

I’m using the consultant plan.


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@Mistinguette Smith - Yikes! Those kinds of mishaps can be frustrating - I’ve been right there with you!

I will start by letting you know that a the zooming of a board is only seen by the user doing the zooming, unless of course that person is doing a screen share in Miro or using some 3rd-party software, e.g., Zoom. To show this in action, here is my browser on the left and myself acting as a guest editor in an incognito browser window on the right. As the guest scrolls in-and-out and moves around, I don’t see this on my board:


What most likely happened is that someone selected all of the sticky notes and dragged them, e.g.:


So when someone changes the size of or moves objects, everyone will see this.

A couple of suggestions:

  1. Education
    1. Make sure that everyone knows about the Ctrl/Cmd + K shortcut! If they do something by accident, ask them to use that shortcut to undo it.
    2. If you will be working with folks on a regular basis using Miro, suggest that they take this course on the Miro Academy → Getting Started with Miro 
    3. Send them a link to a board such as one of these before the session, so they can play around with and get familiar with Miro (or make your own “play” board): Welcome to Miro! or Getting to know Miro
  2. Lock objects on the board that you don’t want them to be able to edit/move/resize/etc.

Let us know if you have any more questions :smiley:

The Lock feature is exactly what I need - especially the ability to unlock only specific elements. Thank you!