Start a presentation using zoom integration

  • 20 February 2024
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Yesterday we were trying the first time how the zoom integration works. 

In short: We were pretty disappointed.

While collaborating in Zoom on a Miro board works fine, you can’t present the board -  what is essential for us as a school.

I mean, the grey button “present” in the upper right corner technically exists, it’s just nothing happening if i click on it.


So, since customer support for paying customers isn’t what it used to be these days, I am still hoping that it’s something like a bug or anything that can be solved.

We really need to use a tool like zoom, so we can present the lessons to our students and in the same time let them participate and collaborate when it is needed, as well as sending them into breakout rooms while they still stay on the current miro-board.

Alternatives to zoom are an option as well.


PS: We tried “Around” as well, same problem with the “presentation”-button and additional sound bugs and closed Miro-board while testing it.

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