Someone deleted my board

  • 28 May 2020
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hi Community

I’m a newbie here so…


I’ve created my first board, but someone deleted it. It is a very important process map that I have.

I'm not sure who did it since I was the only one managing it. 

Now then accessing to the link shared, I got this? How can I know who did it?



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3 replies

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@Ana Sequeira -

Are you on a free plan or a paid plan? If the latter, the board should be visible in the trash can for 30 days and can be restored.

What is odd is you created the board so by default you ARE the owner. The only way someone else should be able to become the owner is if you transferred ownership to them.



it’s solved. I could find the owner. thank you

it’s solved. I could find the owner. thank you

Who was the owner? same thing happened to me! my board got deleted and I dont have anymore permission to see it, support doesnt help me at all and says that the board belongs to another admin!