Sheer Product Arrogance: Right Button Changes

  • 26 December 2021
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Look, this is simple and to the point.  I’m a Miro Enterprise customer, and I’m not interested in Miro product management in Russia telling me how much data was analyzed about how “people needed the right-button navigation mode implemented”, or “why it’s a better experience”, or “please tell us how we can do better next time”.  That’s all a smokescreen to the sheer arrogance -- and unwillingness to consider why it’s a bad change -- of the change made in navigation mode, because of these simple things to consider:

  1. My users -- existing and new -- know the left button for navigation works.  Miro makes this change with zero preparation for admins, zero warning that it’s coming, and zero chance for me to retrain my users (assuming I want to).  On what planet is this even a rational decision?  Suddenly, my team managing Miro has to scramble to help users learn to re-learn the tool?  Thanks for adding to my workload.  And, not even a simple, “Hey, we’re sorry, we broke your work, and we should have done better” from product management.  ZERO apologies.
  2. When you start a new Miro board, there are zero objects on that board.  ZERO.  That means, the first thing your fingers and mouse want to do is navigate the canvas, or drop objects and get started.  In this state, you’re far more interested in the left-click button to navigate than you are a left-click button to select.  I don’t start caring about object selection until I get a few clicks into the board and really start working it.  It boggles my mind why Miro is biasing the natural left-click button to do this later-stage operation.
  3. The very first thing I now have to do with my users coming into Miro is train them how to navigate the canvas.  Now, in fairness, I used to have to teach them how to select objects (hold shift and left-click), but that was way less of a headache, more intuitive, and easier for my users to forgive than the current experience of, “Oh hey, yes, by the way, before you even use the product, you need to use your right button to navigate.  Yes, it’s counter-intuitive.  No, we have no clue why Miro made this change.”  This creates such an unnecessary operational burden to onboarding new users.

The thing I don’t like the most is that my dissent against this change and my disinterest in rationalizing this change makes me feel like the bad guy, like Miro product management blames me (albeit indirectly via their posts) for not being able to change or re-learn or even understand some change they made that clearly (from the other users on this community) people weren’t asking for, despite the data they cite.


I’ll be speaking with Miro product management this week about this change, and I encourage anyone on this community to post their thoughts and comments here, so that I can try and incorporate that feedback into my discussion.


In the meantime, tell me why I’m wrong, Miro.  Tell me why I should continue to be an Enterprise customer, and why it’s OK to make these changes with nary an announcement or willingness to listen.  I don’t want this change. My users don’t want this change.  I don’t want to be told to “Like it or else.”  How do we fix this?

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