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  • 13 May 2020
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Hey - I’m searching a solution for conducting Assessment Centers online.
One challenge is to enable participants to VIEW a document, but not to DOWNLOAD it.
When I invite a quest (view only) he can indeed download documents…
Is it possible to block the download-function?




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3 replies

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@Regina -

Assuming you want the participants to actually interact with the contents of your board and not just observe it through a screen share, I don’t believe there is any way to restrict the ability to download content. 

I’d recommend adding a wish-list post for this as it would be nice if there was a more granular level of access control or the ability to specific which actions users can or can’t do.


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there is a way to block it:

  • Use a rectangle that you lay on top of your document
  • Choose a grey colour for this rectangle
  • Choose the opacity for the rectangle to 20 percent
  • Group them together
  • Lock them

A guest (view only) is not able to download the document.

If you can edit the board you can surely click an unlock the document.


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@mlanders -

Great idea to use a “shield” shape in this way - that’s what I love about Miro, workarounds can usually be defined!