Shapes dissapear when exporting to PDF Best Quality

  • 13 January 2022
  • 3 replies

In some frames, the curly bracket shape itself disappears when exporting to PDF as shown in pictures.
This only happens when exporting in best quality (which is really not ideal at all - I have a presentation next week...)
Using the webapp / desktop app returns the same result.
I have tried grouping and ungrouping the brackets with the related text.

As written, there are other frames with curly brackets that are exporting in best quality mode. Only for some it is not working…


PDF export (best quality)
PDF export (“small file size” quality)
Miro App / webapp


3 replies

I just replaced the curly bracket with a brand new one, and it was included in the export.
But maybe worth keeping the thread here as in a large project - a bug like this is pretty frustrating to “correct” from the user side.

Ok… it started doing it again. Very annoying.

I thought maybe it had to do with the curly bracket not having any text written in its associated text box, but it’s also not because of this.

Wow… So many are missing. Can’t believe it. Totally screwed now.
This isn’t acceptable for a paid version.