Prevent accidental edits

  • 4 August 2022
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There’s this huge board and often when I reconnect or zoom around, I will accidentally slightly move a box or make some text look like edited… the history gets messy. Is there a way I can look at the board in a readonly/locked mode? Which I can disable only when I really want to edit something. Presentation mode comes close to this, with the drawback of being a presentation (frame by frame only, without search...)

4 replies

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@SoC -

Why not share the board view-only with a password? Then, you could access it via an incognito browser using the visitor link and you wouldn’t be able to change anything in it.


That would definitely work, thank you! But in my case, I’m not the board owner so I can’t do sharing….

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@SoC - Until there is a solution for opening a board as view-only, and assuming you are using a mouse, you’ll have to be extra diligent to use right-click-to-pan only.

Additionally, you could do a quick glance at the “undo” icon and if it’s not greyed out, you’ll know that you made an edit to the board. If you did, do a bunch of Ctrl/Cmd+Z until the undo icon greys out again.

Duplicate the board

Depending on how the owner has configured the board’s content sharing permissions, you may be able to right-click on the board from the dashboard and select Duplicate. This would open the a duplicate of the board which you own. When you are done looking at it, rather than clicking it/clicking on the Miro logo to get back to your dashboard, you could click on the board name and then Delete.

Wish List Idea Post

From a quick look, I did not come across an existing Wish List Idea post that describes what you are looking for.

I’d recommend adding this as an Idea in the Wish List category by following the guidelines here: Wish List: Everything You Need to Know.

If you do create a Wish List Idea post, I would also recommend that you post a link to it back here, so that future readers of this post can quickly get to and vote for your Idea.

Lastly, don't forget to vote for your own Idea.

Thank you, undo will help for the time being, but a readonly toggle for myself would be the real saver. I created the idea here, please vote for it: