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  • 7 October 2020
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Hi there,

I am new to MIRO and was wondering whether you can help with my first workshop that I will run on MIRO :) very excited about it.

I need to have some “cards” prepared that participants cannot see when we start the workshop. While we go through some theory, I want to add the cards to the board. So similar to have something appear on a powerpoint slide.

Is this possible as the board owner to drag and drop prepared cards to the board? So participants only see them when the owner places them on the board.

Thanks so much,



Best answer by Kiron Bondale 7 October 2020, 14:27

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4 replies

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@HELDT Maren -

Yes, there are two ways to do this:

  1. Use the new hide frames feature and hide the cards within a hidden frame which you reveal when required.
  2. Have a separate “facilitator” board which contains the cards and keep it open along with your workshop board. You can then copy & paste the cards from one board to the other. This is the approach I use in one of my classes.


Hi Kiron,

Thanks so much for your quick reply.

The hide option is unfortunately not available for me  - not sure why - I was actually looking for it already :( Would you know why this is? I am on a plan through my company - not sure if that is paid or not - we have single sign on.

Great idea about the separate facilitator board :)

Best regards,


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@HELDT Maren -

That’s odd - I thought it would be available in all paid plans? Here’s how you access it:

Select a frame and then the hide frame option should appear next to the lock icon in the pop-up toolbar.


Thanks Kiron! Just checked - we are on a free plan :( so this is not available to us. I might upgrade :)

Thanks again for you replies!