Powerpoint layout looks different

  • 20 January 2021
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when I upload a powerpoint (O365) deck to Miro, the layout in presentation mode gets messed up (fonts and shapes). 

Do you have any idea? 





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6 replies

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@Peter Laubach

  • How are you adding the PowerPoint file to the board?
  • What “presentation mode” are you referring to? Are you referring to Miro’s Presentation Mode or are you somehow activating a PowerPoint presentation mode?
  • Can you provide screenshots, so we can get a better sense of what “messed up? means to you?


Hi Robert,

  • by using “upload from my device” or “upload from saved files”
  • in Miro presentation mode, but also when not using it 
  • here is a screenshot
  • Thank you!
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@Peter Laubach - Yes, Miro’s PowerPoint reader is definitely not perfect and there will be a number of objects that it can’t read.

Two possible workarounds (the first one likely to fail):

  1. you could try extracting/splitting the PowerPoint into individual slides:
  2. And depending on how many slides you have, you should be able to copy the slides in PowerPoint (from the thumbnail view) and paste the onto the board (using Ctrl/Cmd + V) and they will become .png image files:


I would also suggest that you report this as feedback to the Miro Customer Support team by creating a ticket via this special form. You could include a link to this post in your ticket and if the content of your PowerPoint is not confidential, attach it to the ticket as well.

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Hi @Peter Laubach ,


maybe you can try it with an other font - f.e. Arial

What is the result?

Can you check this and tell us: Is there any difference?


Hi @mlanders 

I tried Arial and everything was fine.

So our standard font “Segoe UI” caused the problem.

Thanks a lot!

BR Peter


Hi @Robert Johnson 

I will open a ticket with Miro, as you recommended, and will let you know their answer.

Thanks again.

BR Peter