On the Company Organizational Chart template, how do you create additional columns on the chart under the top box?

  • 21 July 2020
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On the template, there are only 3 columns but I would like to add more (and then more rows under each column). Please help!


Best answer by Jonathan White 21 July 2020, 20:04

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2 replies

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Hi @Mathilde Verdier ,


Typically, you can select one (or more) of the columns in the template and either copy and paste it (ctrl+C then ctrl+V or cmd+C then cmd+V), or even easier, just use the duplicate function (ctrl+D or cmd+D). If that doesn’t work, please post a picture or let us know which template you are working with and we can be a bit more specific and visual with our help to you.



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@Mathilde Verdier -

That template doesn’t have any special “behavior” associated with it such as adding columns or rows - it is basically just a bunch of Miro shapes. As such, @Jonathan White ‘s advice to just duplicate a column and add it with a new link to the parent would be the way to go.