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  • 2 September 2021
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In my team plan we have 4 active members and a “admin-only” one. It’s basically a finaces account that handles seats and billing, but doesn’t actually uses the patform. Ragardless, it’s still a “wasted” paid member.

I know this is not the best way to manage the team, but is there a way to have a team administrator account without wasting a subscription (and without assining the role to another member)?


Thank you!

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@Guilherme H. Morais - What you are looking to do can be accomplished, however, Miro doesn’t make it easy.

The current Team (and Billing) Admin can:

  1. Change the Billing email: Settings → Billing section → Overview tab → Billing actions > Change email
  2. Assign a new Team Admin: Settings → Users → Promote to Team Admin
  3. And then they can leave the team: Settings → Team profile → Leave team:

I’m pretty sure that, if they try to leave the team and are the only admin, either they will be prompted to select a new Team Admin or Miro will just assign the oldest team member the Team Admin role - either way there must be at least one Team Admin.

The above steps are outlined in the Admin Rights Help Center article: