New to templates - how do you add objects

  • 16 April 2021
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Hello, this seems like a basic question but I cannot find information anywhere (tried here, watching tutorials, google).  I want to use templates, but cannot find instructions of how to add objects. 

For example, I want to use the company organization template, but need more “boxes”. There must be a simpler way than copy & pasting every item and every arrow. Can someone please help!!? 

Thank you. 

7 replies

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@FNTC Info - Unfortunately, no, you will need to copy and paste. The templates in Miro are mostly just a bunch of objects (shapes, sticky notes, lines, etc.), sometimes which are grouped together too.

If you are you looking to make an organization chart, you may find it easier to use a Mind Map framework for this, and change the orientation to vertical:


Thank you so much for your response, Robert. If you want to add additional items to mind map (re: above for example, if you wanted to add something an item on the same line as visualize and a different group below “visualize” how might you do that? copy & paste again? 




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@FNTC Info -

When you hover near/over an element in a mindmap you will see a “+” sign which lets you add branches.


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@FNTC Info - You have a number of options:

  • Click the object above and use the “+” symbol or use the Tab shortcut
  • Click an object and then copy/paste it and drag the new “node” anywhere you’d like
  • Click on an object and the use Ctrl/Cmd + D to duplicate it

Here are lots of shortcuts and how-to’s in the Mind Map Help Center article.


Thanks so much @Kiron Bondale and @Robert Johnson! Really appreciate the responses!

the ability to hover over the “+” sign that allows you to add branches has disappeared from my board. How do I turn this back on? or what might be the issue here? 


Thanks for your help

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@Jeremy Taylor - If you're using a browser, you could try

1. Clearing the browser cache

2. Disabling all browser extensions

3. Signing in from an incognito window

You could also try another browser, or the Miro desktop app.

Hopefully one of those will help to determine the culprit. Let us know.