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  • 4 March 2021
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I have been using Miro dynamically in my art and design studio courses. Until last week, I was able to create templates that provided arganization for students to upload images of work in progress and then to make comments to each other within the project frame space. Now my students can no longer add their images to the frame I have set up. They have creatively uploaded their images and made connective arrows to work that exists outside of the framed space. 
In trying to figure out what is going on, I discovered that now the new images cannot be overlapped. Student go to move their image to the defined space find that it pops to the upper left corner. 
I worked with the alignment button but this does not help. Something seems to have changed in a default (because I did not change approaches or defaults). 
I did discover that I now have to bring their added images forward. This is becoming quite cumbersome when previously the engagement was so wonderfully intuitive. The students are getting quite frustrated spending time trying to organize their work instead of working.
Any advice is appreciated!! 


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@Deb - It sounds like Grid mode has been enabled for you frame(s):


With grid mode enabled, objects will “snap” to an invisible grid. You will want to change the mode back to freeform.

@Robert Johnson Thank you, Robert- I agree and I forgot to mention I tried to work with it. Challenge- the grid mode no longer shows. I finally just took away the frame. And we are making this work. 
I feel like something has changed in the functioning. I will keep playing.
I appreciate the feedback!

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@Deb - The only time that freeform/grid options should not appear on a selected frame’s context menu is when the frame is locked. If that happens again, I would suggest reporting it to support:

learning center → Get help → Support:


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@Deb  - Oh, and the freeform/grid options would not be present if your cursor was in a pan/move/hand mode: