Need help to upgrade from Free to Consultant Plan

  • 30 September 2020
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I have free plan and would like to upgrade to Consultant plan for myself only. I have 3 projects which are not created by me, so I am not a Team Admin in any of the 3 projects. 

When I try to upgrade, system ask me to downsize team size but I can’t downsize as I am not a Team Admin. I have 4 boards in those 3 projects which I would like to retain in my paid Consultant account.

Can you help how should I upgrade to Consultant plan and move/keep access to those 4 boards to paid Consultant account. 

3 replies

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@Vivek Agarwal -

It might be easier to ask the owners of those boards to download board backups (in RTB format), send those to you and you can then restore them in a brand new Consultant account. If you are the owner of the boards, you can do this yourself.


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My reply was too big for this forum software, so I needed to split it up into two parts.

@Vivek Agarwal - @Kiron Bondale’s suggestion may have already helped to solve you issues, but if not read on. 

I have been thinking about your scenario throughout the day.

Based on what you’ve outlined in your post, here is how I am understanding your situation:

  • You want to upgrade a Free Plan team of which you are a Member, not Team Admin, to a Consultant Plan team.

  • And you “have 4 boards in those 3 projects which I would like to retain in my paid Consultant account.

I will let you know right now that you will NOT be able to upgrade your Free Plan to a Consultant Plan (and only pay for one seat) without Deleting/Removing all team members from your Free Plan, which you can not do as you are not a Team Admin. You are going to have to Leave the team and create a new one. But before you leave the team, you will need to copy the board contents of any boards you want to keep into a different Miro account You will be able to copy the board contents as long as

  1. you have edit access to the boards you want to save copies of; and

  2. the board Owner of those boards has not explicitly set the board’s Sharing -> Permissions so that only they can copy the board content:


As long as both of those statements are true, you can continue with the steps I will provide.

As Kiron stated, it would be ideal if the owners of the boards could use the Download board backup feature to to export the board as a .rtb file, assuming the boards are in a paid (or Education) plan as the board backup feature is not available in a Free Plan - again, though you mentioned “projects”, so we’ll assume the boards you are referring to are in a paid plan.

But in case they will not send you a board back up, or if you just don’t want to wait to hear back from them, then I think the following steps will work for you. I tested this scenario with multiple accounts and 99% sure this will work.

@Kiron Bondale  - I would appreciate your input on this too.

Before I start, I am going to create a legend of terms to guide us through the steps, so that we’re all using the same terms. If it helps, if you attempt to follow the steps, you could replace the names I have used with your actual email address and the current Free Plan team name.


  • Team Vivek - the Free Plan team of which you would like to upgrade to a Consultant Plan.

  • - the email address of your Miro account of which you are a team Member of Team Vivek.

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… part two:


WARNING: Read the below steps carefully and unless you are fully confident that they make sense, do not proceed and ask any questions you have.

Also, In the steps below, you are going to be completing actions in two different Miro accounts, so either have two different browsers open, e.g.,Chrome and Firefox, or at least one browser  with a private/incognito browser window open, so you can be doing all of this without having to sign in and out of Miro accounts.

Here’s what you should be able to do:

  1. Using another email address, e.g.,, create a brand new Miro account (create a new email or use an existing one, it just can’t have a Miro account associated with it).
    NOTE: If you are prompted during the process to join another team, do NOT do this - select “+ Create a new team” instead:

  2. Give your new Free Plan team a name, e..g, Team Vivek 2

  3. Invite/add as a Team Admin to your new Team Vivek 2 team.

  4. While still signed into your new Miro account as, create a new board in Team Vivek 2, e.g., New Free Plan Team board

  5. Sign into your old Miro account ( where Team Vivek is.

  6. Now you should also see Team Vivek 2 in your dashboard as you are now a Team Admin on that team.

  7. Go into Team Vivek 2 and open the board New Free Plan Team board in a new browser tab.

  8. Now go into team Team Vivek where the boards are that you want to save a copy of the content before you upgrade to the Consultant Plan.

  9. Open one of the boards in a new browser tab.

  10. Select whatever board contents you want and copy it to your clipboard - use Ctrl + A to select the entire board contents if you want and then Ctrl + C to copy to your clipboard.

  11. Go back to the other browser tab to the board: New Free Plan Team board and paste the contents into the board using Ctrl + V

  12. If you want to note to yourself where all of the stuff you just pasted into the board came from, you could put a frame around all of it and rename the frame, e.g., stuff from old board 1

  13. Now you will repeat steps 8-12 until you are satisfied that everything you want to have moving forward has been copied over into Team Vivek 2!

  14. Now you are going to have to Leave Team Vivek as I mentioned earlier, but this is okay because you have copies of everything in the new Miro account (Team Vivek 2) that you just created.

  15. While still signed into your old Miro account (, click on the Team setting gear icon:

  16. This will take you to the Team profile page where you can click the Leave team button:

  17. Now that you have left Team Vivek, you will still be in one team: Team Vivek 2.

  18. You will now have to repeat steps 15-16 and Leave Team Vivek 2 as well.

  19. Once you have left all of the teams, there is a chance that Miro may appear to not be loading and the Miro logo will just spin and spin. This is a known issue and the fix has consistently been to open a new private/incognito browser window and sign in. This should get you past that spinning logo and Miro should now see that you do not belong to any team and either let you set up a Consultant Plan team right way, or just create a new Free Plan team (that you are now the only member of and are a Team Admin) and THEN you can finally upgrade to the Consultant Plan team, e.g., Vivek Consultant Team

  20. Now you will want to sign back into the Mrio account you created in step # 1 ( and add back to Team Vivek 2

  21. Then sign back into and you should again see two teams: Vivek Consultant Team and Team Vivek 2.

  22. Go into Team Vivek 2 where you should have one board: New Free Plan Team board

  23. Using the ellipsis dots, make a Duplicate of New Free Plan Team board:
    The default name will be Copy of New Free Plan Team board

  24. And then finally, use the ellipsis option for the Copy of New Free Plan Team board and choose to Move to account -> Vivek Consultant Team:

And that’s it! Now you have the board content you didn’t want to lose in your new Consultant Plan.

As for the new Miro account you created, you could choose to Leave Team Vivek 2 or just leave it the way things are. I would just leave it in case you need to do some tricky moving around of stuff in the future.