Missing timer

There is no timer on my miro board and I would like to know how to set it up for a workshop.


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Hi @Collette, thanks for your question!

It seems you should install the Countdown Timer plugin from the Marketplace. You will find Add more apps in the toolbar:


Follow the on-screen instructions, and then you will find the Timer in the bottom toolbar on the board.

Does it help?


Also, just in case the Timer is not available on the Free and Education plans. 

I have already installed Timer app, but still the Timer is not shown in my toolbar, any one could help? Thanks.


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@Louisa Guo - A while back some users found that the Timer and Voting buttons were gone from the bottom-left collaboration toolbar and were in a new area, up by the Share button - do you have something like the following? If so, the Timer is likely in there:


Thanks @Robert Johnson  for the reply, but I don’t think I can see the Meet icon


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@Louisa Guo - I should have asked this to start: Are you looking at the bottom-left collaboration toolbar?


@Robert Johnson Both bottom-left and up-right, have no timer icon, as can beseen from my screenshots in both posts

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@Louisa Guo -

Can you post a screenshot of the bottom-left toolbar expanded as I’ve scrolled through the thread and can’t see that image?


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@Louisa Guo - In your replies to this post, I am not seeing a screenshot of the bottom-left corner of your Miro board interface, e.g.:


If you are not seeing this toolbar, perhaps it is collapsed:


And needs to be expanded by clicking on the arrows:


@Robert Johnson Sorry please see below screenshot


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@Louisa Guo - Without seeing the whole picture, e.g., looking around at your account setup, this may be a lot of back-and-forth. I would suggest reaching out to Miro support:

Support form is here:

Source: How to Contact Miro Support

@Robert Johnson Thanks, already raised to support.

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@Louisa Guo - The last thing I can think of is that your Miro account profile is a member on more than one team - if so, you will need to make sure the app is installed on all teams.

Example: My Miro account profile is a member of nine teams:


When I click on the Team profile setting button:


Then I can move between the teams using this navigation dropdown, checking the Apps & Integrations settings:


Thanks @Robert Johnson I checked my team profile seems I have only one team


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@Louisa Guo - So, for that team, you are not a Team Admin as you you only have a Leave team button, whereas for a team that I am the Team Admin, I also have a Delete team button:


The Timer app may not in fact be installed on this team and because you are not the Team Admin, you may not be able to install the Timer app if an admin has not allowed for non-Admins to install apps.

Click on Menu and go to Apps & Integrations and look for the “Countdown timer” app:


Thanks @Robert Johnson Below is what I see in the App&Integrations when searched Timer, it showed I installed it on April 20.


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@Louisa Guo - If you were to create a new board, what options appear on the bottom-left toolbar?

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Hey @Louisa Guo Could you check your role on the board? I assume you are a Guest Editor on the board, that is why you don’t have Timer. To check the role - you can hover over your avatar.


@Robert Johnson Thanks! If I create a new board, I can see the Timer app


@Kate Ivanova Yes I am a guest editor, then should the admin to install the timer?

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@Louisa Guo The Timer is already set up on your team, but on this specific board, you are a Guest Editor. You can ask someone (board owner for example) to change sharing rights so you can enter it as a Team member.

Thanks @Kate Ivanova  will do

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@Louisa Guo - @Kate Ivanova knew where I was going with asking you to create a new board - I was the quickest was I could think of to ensure that the board would belong to your team and you would be an Aeditor (and the owner) and not a "Guest editor". Case closed!