Miro boards privacy in education plan

  • 24 February 2021
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How do I deal with privacy if I have boards for different courses or faculty meetings in my boards but I don't want my students or all faculty seeing them? how to manage this privacy so not anyone can walk in and out of all the boards. Some contain sensitive material etc.

3 replies

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@Anna Maria - When dealing with one single Miro team, but many users, you will want to set the default board and project sharing settings to be “only the creator can see”. Then, the owner of the boards or projects will have to explicitly share it with whomever they want to collaborate with.

And you can then use Projects as mini Teams by adding  members to projects and then boards to the project.

Here’s a post with more info & links:

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@Anna Maria - One more note: Board level sharing overrides team level sharing, so, if you added/shared with one of your Education Plan team members at the board level, but then set Team access to “No access’, now only that one person (and yourself) will see that board in your Miro dashboard.



Board sharing permissions are usually the highest in the sharing hierarchy, however, Project sharing permissions can override boards.

E.g, - you

  1. Set the team sharing access to “No access”
  2. Then you give one person, e.g., Bob, “view only” access to the board,
  3. but then you create a project and add bob to the project with Edit access - now Bob can edit the board.

Check out the Projects Help Center article for some more information on this - there’s a good video embedded in the article.

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In addition to what the other (and wiser) Robert, you might consider:

1. If using one single board (single URL), hiding material under opaque shapes/objects and locking them so only you can unlock them.

2. Create different boards (multiple URLs) for different groups.  You can still copy and paste large sections of boards onto each other.