Managing view/commenter access on Consultant plan

  • 19 August 2020
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Hello all, on the consultant plan, how do I enable occasional team members to view/comment on boards without having edit rights? When I enable day passes, every time someone accessed a board, we automatically incurred a $3/day fee for that person, even if they were only viewing content.

For now, I have disabled day passes until this is resolved!



6 replies

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@Dhaval Shah -

Viewing and commenting should be free for non-team users so you shouldn’t need to use up a day pass for such observers - @Marina , can you confirm this?


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Hi @Dhaval Shah,

If I am not mistaken, the options you included were in your account settings. The sharing settings in there will only change how your boards are shared by default when you create them.

When you are on a particular board you want to give access to someone, but don’t want to incur a day pass fee, you can follow the instructions in this loom video. Please let me know if this helps!


Hi @Jonathan White, we have a number of boards that we would really like people to go into and look at (I don’t want to worry about access rights on a per-board basis).

I don’t think a business plan is viable (we have two accounts under our consultant plan as we collaborate with our client) - is there an easy way to solve for this? What I was hoping for is that people can be added to teams (as occasional users) and access content on a view-only basis. However, to enable access I have to enable day passes, and that is where the $3/day charges are kicking in (even when people are viewing and not modifying content).

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@Dhaval Shah Not too long ago, I had to dig in deep to better understand Miro roles/plans/permissions etc. when recommending a paid plan to a colleague, so I get that it isn’t very clear. Here’s what I have learned:

To control user permissions, you must have a paid plan, as you do. And in order to manage those permissions at a default board or project level, the users must either have a paid seat on the team or be an Occasional member/user via a Day pass. Therefore, they only way to give users “view” only access and not paid for a seat is for them to NOT be on the team.

As @Jonathan White demonstrated in his video, you can give View access by a publicly shared link (which can also be password protected once Miro has rolled this out to all paid accounts - this is currently underway). A benefit of the publicly shared link is that the viewer doesn’t even need a Miro account. However, a few downsides are that

  • it is open to anyone with the link
  • the viewer won’t see the team/board at all in their Miro dashboard (if they have an account - however, they could “Star” the board and it should show up in the Starred boards page in their dashboard)

There is another way to share a board for view only access with someone who is not a part of team. First, they must have a Miro account. To share at the board level, open the board’s Share settings:

 Click in the first box where it says “Enter emails” and start typing:


Now you will see:


Once they accept the invitation, they will now see the team in their Miro dashboard and any boards you have completed this action on.

I know you said, “I don’t want to worry about access rights on a per-board basis’”, however, I do not see any way around this doesn’t involve paying a fee.

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Additionally, there is a really good help article on Roles in Miro that I found helpful when digging into roles/permissions.

@Rob Johnson thanks for that. If that’s the best we can do (for now) then ‘it is what it is’, but overall that’s a pretty jarring experience for what I imagine to be a fairly common use case.