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  • 26 April 2020
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Hi guys,


I wanna run a workshop using a prepared Miro board but I don’t wanna to make all materials visible at the same time and from very beginning. Is somehow possible to have Miro board’s part covered and during a workshops make them visible to the collaborators?


Thanks for the help!




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@Ania -

I have been covering the areas in my classes which I don't want to be revealed with a light grey rectangle which I lock in place and unlock and delete right before I want learners to see it.




as simple as that and I didn’t think about it! Thanks for the idea :)



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Another technique I used during one of my trainings was to copy-pasta the new stuff from another board. For that I had to use the Miro app (macOS).

@Rico Trevisan thanks for another trick - but as much I can - I try to have 1 window open during this online workshops because Miro, Zoom and other tool is so much for the participants and for me - that I try to avoid mistakes and misclicks as much as I can :)


We’re using frames to easily navigate between our content on a board. It’s like creating multiple pages on one board and you can hide the Frame navigation panel when not needed.

@Wendie Hipolito  - thanks for the info - but can you also hide the content inside the frame to not make it visible for the participants?