"Link to" not working on Image or Text objects?

  • 22 August 2021
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I just started using Miro and envy the “Link to” feature. However it only seems to function properly when added to a Shape object. If I add a link to an Image- or Text object, it does add the link-icon correctly in the right-top corner. However the icon is not clickable…

This is driving me really crazy, is anyone able to use “Link to” on Image or Text objects?

5 replies

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I just linked a newly uploaded image to a text box and vice versa and both links worked fine. I’m using Miro on a Windows 10 PC via Google Chrome. How are you accessing it?


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Hi, I’m afraid I’m struggling with this also but I’m not sure if I am A) doing something wrong here or B) if what I’m trying to accomplish isn’t possible. I’ll explain.

I want colleagues to be able to click on the smiling sun character (accompanying title to be created) and be taken to an area of the whiteboard where there will be phone number based information.

So far, I can see it adds a small blue arrow in the top right hand corner so it only re-directs if I click on the little blue arrow.

I tried creating an shape and removing it’s visibility so nobody could see it and then adding the hyperlink but it seems to still create a little blue arrow in the top right hand corner.

Can anyone let me know where I’m going wrong with this or if what I’m trying to do isn’t available or if this is what I see in ‘design’ mode but perhaps a ‘published’ version would indeed redirect if someone clicks within the square that the image is within?



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@Michael Collins - You're doing everything correctly.

When you use "Link to", Miro creates little blue arrow if the link is to an object on the current board. These links will also update to match the current board should you duplicate the board where the links were created, or use these links in a Custom Template

This help center article explains it best:


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Thanks again Robert!

I have discovered from a tutorial video on Youtube that I can hyperlink the text in a text box but this isn’t ideal either, as it of course takes 2 clicks instead of one to get re-directed, so a rock and a hard place it seems :laughing:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post on the ideas page in relation to this and took great pleasure in voting it up :arrow_up::thumbsup:

This is such a bad implementation of a basic anchored link feature..


Not only is the link tiny, making it basically unusable as it is. But download that document in a PDF to share and none of the internal links work properly. Instead they link to the actual Miro board. Such a lazy implementation  


Everyone of your competitors has this functionality without any issues..