JIRA Planner showing wrong information for a Kanban board

  • 18 April 2024
  • 3 replies

I have created a JIRA Planner board which seems to work well with a scrum boards I’ve tested but when I use a Kanban board, it shows totally wrong information (it shows features from a project that is not even on that board query). 


Just wondering if there is a limitation regarding types of boards it supports? 

3 replies

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@Arash Kashefian Planner uses whatever JQL/Filter is applied to the board you are importing into Miro.

Can you provide more information on “it shows features from a project that is not even on that board query”. Perhaps share the JQL and a screenshot of the JIRA and Planner boards?

Hello! I’m having a similar question.. when creating a planner board in MIRO, it does not show all of the issues which can be seen on the original board in JIRA. eg in JIRA I can see 10 issues in the column “Testing”, where as in MIRO I can only see 3 issues in the same column. Any ideas? Thanks a lot in advance

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Hi @Janina Lankers seeing as @Arash Kashefian never responded, I can’t really say that my suggestion helped them or not. But, the same response applies…

Can you share the JQL from your project and screenshots of Jira and the Planner boards?