Is there a way to link a table to a diagram both ways on a Miro board

  • 8 June 2023
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I think that allows you to create a table from your diagram, but in my case I want something that links a table to a diagram on a frame, so that updates to the diagram reflects in the table, and changes to the table reflects in the diagram. 

For example, you start off with this linked diagram and table

And then decide you want to add a box C from A in the diagram, which should then automatically update to the table to give something like this:

or you could add the cells A and C in the second row of the table, and the diagram automatically generates a box C from A, which you can then move around however you wish.


I’m hoping there’s an easy tool to do this, so if anyone knows of one that’s not too complex to integrate (like, let me know 🤘


PS. if a quick fix or tool doesn’t spring to mind, and you know of something more complex, feel free to add that to the conversation

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