Is there a shortcut key in text for outline or bullets

  • 23 August 2020
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I see many shortcuts but not to for bullets or outline when entering text or anywhere where a bullet is allowed.

Is there a shortcut for this?


Best answer by Robert Johnson 23 August 2020, 21:43

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6 replies

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@Glenn Shukster For any object that supports bullets, you should be able to enter “- [and keep typing”. This is usually true for most applications. E.g.:


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Hi @Glenn Shukster,


@Rob Johnson has it completely right. The same applies for numbering if you put “1.”, a numbered list will begin in any object that supports it.


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This did not work for me. Just the dash appears :frowning2:

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@Pam Dunn - To confirm: You are trying this in the Text object and not a Shape?

And did put a space after the dash? 

I just tried this from Windows 10 using Chrome and the Miro desktop app and it is working as expected:


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Robert thank you for the clarification I have to choose a Text box. It is working now

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It would be nice though to also have support for bullet and numbered lists in the Shape object ...