Is there a limit on the number of anonymous guest editors that can simultaneously work on a board?

  • 12 November 2020
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Pretty much the question in the title. I have an educational team plan, and we’re planning to use it for hosting seminars for an online course. We’d like to have the participants, probably 100-200 in number, join the call as anonymous guest editors and participate by entering things on the board. I know that it says it can accommodate an unlimited number of guest editors, but is there any practical limit to the number of guest editors that can functionally be in a board at the same time?


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@Gabe Fields - From my own experience, I would suggest that anything about 300 editors starts to have an impact on board performance.

I suggest that you have a read over the Tips to Improve Board Performance article as well.

My personal suggestions:

  • Turn off collaborators' cursors.
  • Use the Chrome browser (Firefox has always seemed more sluggish for me with Miro) and limit the browsers tabs to Miro only if possible.
  • Pre-install a Miro desktop app as a backup should browser performance become an issue.

And while we’re on the topic, The technical maximum number of user connections on a single board at one time is 1,000 as stated in the How Many Users Can Collaborate on a Board Simultaneously help center article.