I'd like to purchase my own account but am a guest on others already - why won't Miro let me do that?

  • 5 January 2023
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I’ve tried to find the answer before posting here, apologies if I somehow missed an obvious solution. (My assumption for the moment is that the error or misunderstanding is mine as a new user rather than a support issue.)

I’m a consultant who first encountered Miro while working with a client, and registered for a Miro account per the prompts that accompany guest entry. A second client also began using Miro and I’m part of some of their teams as well. So far so good!

Now though, when I try to purchase a business account for my own company’s use, the transaction fails because it appears to somehow be associated with my client instead of me. (Per discussions with my bank’s credit card fraud and security arm, who could see the transaction attempt but mismatched information.)

Is my company name and email somehow permanently associated with a guest registration instead of being a master identity below which all my Miro activity would appear on a dashboard of some sort? I want to have my own workspace and also be active on the boards of others, 

I have to believe I’m not the first person to try Miro as a guest and then want their own space to work in, and it would certainly seem in Miro’s interest to make that transition as painless as possible. 

Does my experience sound familiar to anyone, and could you kindly share what you did to get past this challenge?

Thanks, and best wishes for a wonderful new year to the community!


4 replies

Hi Randy,

Thank you for sharing your concern. Regardless of being a guest or a team member from your previous clients your email is somehow associated since your previous clients gave you access to their plans however you should be able to purchase the Business Plan under your company’s name and email address. Feel free to check this article https://help.miro.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020712534-Business-plan.

Could you please share a screenshot of the error message ?Your help is highly appreciated.



Hi Jen,

For some brain-dead reason my email address seems permanently linked to my client’s account rather than me. I’ve left their board but still am given no option other than to request access again. 

I can’t even get to your main website without being hijacked back to my client’s account - I type in “www.miro.com” yet end up back where I don’t want to be, and the only option available is to “Join Teams”. 

I don’t need a link to the business plan description, I already know I want it and am trying to send you money.

This is beyond frustrating, and seems like something no vendor would want to inflict on themselves. 

WTH can’t I just go to your website and buy the product???




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Hey Randy,
I converted your post into a support ticket - I hope we will resolve the issue asap!

Hi Helga,

I appreciate the awesome response and I’m happy to report the problem is resolved.  Thanks for flipping my initial frustration into delight over great customer support - nicely done!

[For the community at large, the secret seems to have been Helga creating a free team that I could then upgrade to Business. Once I had an account association other than to my client’s board everything went fine. Perhaps a smarter workflow on my part would have been to register for a free account before joining my client as a guest.]

All the best,