How to restore a team member I accidentally deleted

  • 11 June 2020
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I accidentally deleted a team member from my team and I need to know how to add them back.


Thanks for your help!


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4 replies

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@Ginger Pearson -

What type of plan are you on? I’m on a consultant plan and assuming they are still identified as a full access user in my company users list then I can just re-add them back to any team for which I am the team admin.


@Kiron Bondale 

I am on the Business plan but I am no longer able to see them only that a license is being taken up by them.  Which leads me to wonder about if someone leaves the company can we reuse their license for their replacement.

Thanks for any guidance!


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Absolutely @Ginger Pearson - you can move licenses from one “real” person to another. We do this all the time for the students in our classes.


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Hi @Ginger Pearson,

No worries about accidentally deleting a team member!

There are several ways to add team members. To see your teams members list, go to your Team Settings and click “Active users” under the User & Team Management section. From there, you can also manage each team member’s permissions.

Let me know if that helps!

Michael Sohn