How to delete a published board

  • 16 June 2023
  • 2 replies

Hey everyone! I want to delete a newly published board I published under one account, and re-submit it for publishing under my personal account. Who can I contact to help with this? Thanks!

2 replies

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@Simone Anne -

Do you mean the board has been shared under one account or are you referring to publishing it on Miroverse?

If the former, then share it with the personal account and either duplicate or copy the content from it to a new board on your personal account. Once that is done you can delete the old board and share the new one.


Hi @kiron

I’m looking to delete the board/template from the published Miroverse gallery (so I can then re-submit for publishing via my personal account - that part is copied and ready to go - want to avoid having duplicates though in the Miroverse). I seem to recall when I submitted my template to the Miroverse that there was someone at Miro who had permission to delete a published board from the actual Miroverse gallery. Right now my editing rights in Miroverse seems to be for tweaking the board and description etc, but no right to remove it from the Miroverse once it’s been published.