How to create master for shapes

  • 6 May 2020
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We are trying to create a master for our shapes, line connectors etc. By example when creating a rectangle we want it to be 100x100 in size and the box shaded blue. Line connector could be colored yellow. 


We are trying to get the team to use the same shapes n sizes consistently. Also like managing a design library, it will be easier for us to change the color/size of a shape and it updates all the designs. 



3 replies

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Perhaps you can group the master elements on a single board and save it as a board template that can be a starting point for your team when they start their own boards?

@Isman Tanuri , so for that use case. Say I make the shape a rectangle and its blue. The team starts with that template and we have 5 boards/frames laid out. If I change the color of the box to red, will it update all the boards? 

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@SFfan I don't think it will happen as you described. As far as I know, the Miro elements are independent of any changes in the templates.