HELP! The entire board is too blurry to see anything

  • 12 June 2021
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As you can see in the screenshot, for some reason after the latest windows update that added the weather to task bar, my miro board is to blurry to use. I can’t read any text without zooming in until it’s nearly all that’s on the screen. It wasn’t always this blurry, but we have a game due on Tuesday and I can’t access anything on the board! lmao. I looked around thinking that it might be a graphics/performance issue, but I couldn’t quickly find anyone else with the issue of the entire screen being blurry.  I doubt that anyone will come in with a solution before my work is due but I hope that if a solution does come about, someone else will find it helpful.

1 reply

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@Alex L - I also got that Windows update but immediately disabled that new weather toolbar. To eliminate it as the culprit, disable it by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting News and interests → Turn off:


Looking at your screenshot, the fact that other elements of the Miro interface are not blurred leads me to think it could be related to a browser extension - something that is targeting layers.

From your screenshot, you appear to be using Firefox. I would suggest:

  • ensure you have the latest version (I am 89.0 64-bit and am not experiencing your blurring issue).
  • disable all browser extensions
  • clear the browser cache
  • reinstall Firefox
  • Try another browser

You could also try the Miro desktop app: