Having trouble deleting a board

  • 29 September 2021
  • 1 reply

My teammate created a board as a content owner, and later she deleted it. However it still shows on my dashboard. I want to delete it but we’re on a free plan so I can’t do it myself. Any help?

1 reply

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@Roger Tsai - Only board owners can deleted boards, on all plans.

I have never seen a deleted board remain in anyone’s dashboard.

Perhaps it is a new board, with the same name?

You could try signing out and back in to your account, clearing your browser cache, or another browser or the Miro desktop app.

Or, if you are a Team Admin of the Free Plan, you could delete the board owner from the team (choosing yourself as the new board owner in the process) and then re-adding the deleted user back to the team. Once you are the board owner, you can delete the board.