having problem with creating new board via Teams

  • 24 April 2024
  • 2 replies

I have connect Miro to a team channel, but when i clicked the New board, it goes into a never ending  loading status, waited 30 mins and nothing happens.

tried logout miro, and log out teams. doesn’t work


2 replies

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Do you mean MS Teams?

I too had this problem. For many reasons I just don’t like using the Miro which is embedded in MS Teams. As I recall, cut-and-paste to other Miro boards would not work.

So now when our team wants to do something in Miro, we just use regular Miro in a browser instead of the version that is part of MS Teams. By pasting the link to the board into e.g. a OneNote page, everyone can remember the link to the board.

Good luck!

I'm also encountering this issue with Miro integration in a team channel. After connecting Miro to the channel, whenever I click "New board," it gets stuck in a never-ending loading status. I've waited for up to 30 minutes, but nothing happens. I've attempted to log out of both Miro and Teams, but the issue persists. If anyone has encountered a similar problem or knows of a solution, I'd greatly appreciate your assistance.