Having 2 teams: on Team subscription and Free one

  • 17 January 2022
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is it possible for my company to create 2 teams in one account:

  1. With Team subscription: for people who actively create the boards.
  2. With Free subscriptions: for people who do not actively create new boards.


2 replies

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@Iriny - Yes, this is possible. For example, my account profiles is associated with multiple Free, Team, Consultant, and Enterprise teams:


If you already have a Free Plan and want to add a Team Plan, instead of using the Upgrade button, use the Add teams button to create a new team:


While every Miro account profile is allow to have/or be a member of a Free Plan team, if you are currently not a member of one or do not have one of your own, they only way to add a Free Plan team would be to leave all teams that you are a member of at which point Miro sees that your account profile is not associated with any team and prompts you to create a Free Plan team.

thanks a lot @Robert Johnson, really helpful!