Free account - Number of people and what can they do?

  • 1 June 2020
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How many people can join and add sticky notes with a free account?




Best answer by Isman Tanuri 1 June 2020, 07:44

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Hi @Han Yong Cho you add as many team members (signed up with Miro free account as well) as you want to a free account. However, you're limited to 3 boards. You also do not have access to Anonymous Guest Editor feature.


Thank you!


Whenever I try to do something (even get to know) Miro, I receive a message I have reached the limit of 3 boards. But in fact I have none of my own, and I have willingly entered just one, collaborating with a team of mine. By the way, I have complained about that, and now the one I participated has disappeared as well as the others I didn´t choose to be in and that I had no choice to leave (the option did not appear in the menu). Now even with my space empty, I receive the message of having reached the 3-board limit.