Free account - can my colleague get his own free account?

  • 20 November 2020
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I have a free account and experimented for one project with a colleague who has made an account to join in my team. Now this colleague wants to use Miro for another project in which I’m not involved. He has made a board which automatically is part of my account, which causes a problem because my 3 free boards are taken. 


How does my colleague, who already made an account to join my team, make a free account of his own in which he can have his own 3 free boards (and not using mine)? 


Thank you! 



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@Floortje - This situation gets a little messy. I will note that the steps I am giving you are purely ones that have worked for me personally in the past. You should only following them if you feel comfortable doing so.

NOTE: These steps will only work if your colleague is ONLY a part of one team, i.e., your Free Plan team.

In summary, your colleague will have to be removed from your team, create his own Free Plan team, add you to that team, and then you can move his board to that new team.


  1. From your Free Plan team dashboard, click on the team settings/gear icon.
  2. Go to the Active users page and delete this colleague from the team:
  3. You will be prompted with the option to just Delete the user or to also Delete the user and their content. You will want to Delete user. Also, Miro is most likely only going to give you the option to transfer ownership of the content to whomever has been on the team the longest - usually the person who created the team. If this is not​​​ you, then the person listed below will later need to delete your colleague’s board AFTER you have Duplicated and moved it to their new Free Plan team.  
  4. Once your colleague is not a part of your team, they will most likely experience a scenario where Miro will not load for them. This is because they are no longer a part of ay team and Miro is confused. If they open a private/incognito browser window and sign into Miro, now they should be prompted to create their own Free Plan team.
  5. Once they have created their own Free Plan team, they should invite you to this team.
  6. In your current team, where your colleague’s board is, if you are the board owner you can use the ellipsis menu to Move board to account and move it to your colleague’s team:
  7. Otherwise, you will need to first Duplicate the board and move the new copy of the board to your colleague’s account and then have the board owner delete the original:


  8. Now the board should be in your colleague’s Free Plan team and they can delete you from their team (or you can leave it).

That should do it.

Thank you very much for your clear and elaborate answer. I was a bit worried that this would be a stupid question within the community, that it was me who didn’t understand the way Miro works… Your answer is reassuring! 


I will try the steps!


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@Floortje - You’re welcome! Definitely not a stupid question as there is no clear path for one to set up their own Free Plan team, although ever user is allowed to have one.