Facilitator / speaker notes best practices?

  • 16 January 2023
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Hey Workshoppers!

I’m building out a workshop that needs to be repeated/facilitated by multiple people. 

There are some prompts that I want the facilitator to use at specific sections, however including them on the board would distract from the participants. 

I’m thinking of perhaps creating a notion page / document for the co-facilitators to use and follow while they conduct the workshop, however I’m wondering if there’s anything that I am missing... 

What are the best practices for facilitator/speaker notes that are only meant to be seen by the facilitator?

1 reply

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@Connorwforsyth -

The two ways I’ve done this in the past is:

  1. Have a duplicate of the shared board in which I’ve added callouts or other annotations. Then with a dual monitor display I can keep one eye on those while interacting with participants in the shared board.
  2. Use the notes panel to capture this info. If you won’t be using notes for anything else, then it could be used exclusively for the facilitator notes. However, anyone clicking on the notes panel would also see them so they wouldn’t be invisible to all participants.