Experience using smart boards / touch screen white boards with Miro?

  • 26 March 2021
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Greetings all,

Seeking advice on peoples experiences using smart boards when working on Miro.

My team is curious to invest in a smart board for use with Miro, I know the Microsoft Surface Hub has the potential of using Miro.


However are there alternatives? What else works well? What do people here use?



2 replies

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For fun @Connor Forsyth we put in a 60” Display in a social-gathering point in our office (before COVID) and had a Miro Board with Company Highlights.  The idea was something to distract during water cooler chats.  I found the Mouse interface cumbersome so I installed a transparent plexiglass sheet with a infrared touch overlay PQ Labs Support Center, PQ Labs Multi-Touch Screen, Multi-Touch Technology to achieve a better interactive experience.

It is definitely a poor-person version of the Microsoft Surface Hub but for viewing Boards it was definitely awesome.  I found working on a Board required you to have expert level experience with Miro or it could be frustrating getting work done.  This is more related to user errors than Miro or the touch solution itself.

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I forgot to add… I like the viewing capability so much I installed the same setup on our AV Cart in our Shop so when building equipment I could quickly pan-zoom a Miro Board by just using Touch Interface.