Expected waiting time for Miro sales to return?

  • 6 April 2021
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Hi all

I have for a while been using the Team version of Miro, but is interested in investigating whether I can convince our IT department to buy a Enterprise version for my team and other departments.

I have contacted the Miro Sales team a couple of times over the last 2 weeks through the form https://miro.com/contact/sales/?lead_source=Pricing&subject=company_plan to hear about pricing for the Enterprise version, but haven’t received any response.

Does anyone know, how long a response time I can expect from the sales team at Miro?

Thanks in advance


6 replies

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Hi @Nikolaj Lyngbye Kolbe,

I’m sorry the team hasn’t got back to you. I’ll reach out to them internally to ask about your request. I think you can expect them to contact you directly.  

Hi @marina.

Thank you very much. It feels quite weird being interested in buying licenses for 20, 50 or more users, and not being able to get in contact with the sales team for 2.5 weeks.




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I found this to be my experience also… however, Technical Support is TOP Notch and the Miro Community is also snappy in responding.  In my case it didn’t matter because I just continued using Pro Subscription until we connected.

I have the same issue. 
I have written to the Miro Sales Team several times but have not received a reply regarding Miro Enterprise plan.

Best regards

I have the same issue. I contacted the Sales Team twice. No response so far...

Wow, its actually really shocking to hear this. Im looking to setup our entire division with the Enterprise account within the next week or two. I wasn’t expecting that the response time by Miro might be the obstacle in getting this done. Interesting…