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  • 20 April 2020
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Hi everyone,


I’ve been using Miro for a couple of months and it’s been great. I wanted to know if there was a drop-down menu feature that I could add to the boards. Basically, when a team member is updating a project, I would like them to be able to choose a status from a drop-down menu that I create. Is this possible to do?


If a feature like this is not available, I know that Miro is now open to developers, correct? How would I go about asking a developer to create a tool like this for me. What would they need know know (coding wise)? This feature and others I have in mind are quite important so I would like to find a way to implement it as soon as possible.



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3 replies

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@Nir Ben Jacob -

I can’t help you on the development side of things, but I’d like to get a better understanding of the underlying need - what do you mean by status of the project? If you could provide an example of what you are trying to achieve, I might be able to suggest a workaround…


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Hi @Nir Ben Jacob, drop-down menu’s are not currently available in Miro, but there are other ways that you could designate status.

The Kanban template might work well for this.  You can create tasks and move them through a series of gates, such as the typical To Do, In Progress, Done.


Here is a quick video of Kanban in action, I hope this helps!



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Hi @Jonathan White & @Nir Ben Jacob :

A next-level-step of the Kanban is Trello.

It’ s so powerfull and graphicly a dream to work with and the good thing about it is:

It’s part of the App-Marketplace of miro.

Have a look and get your account (if you haven’t got one) - I love to work with it: