Couldn't undo accidental image replacing

  • 9 January 2024
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Hej, we are many people collaborating on the same board and I am not the owner of the board.

Today I was adding content and as I was pasting a picture, that accidentally replaced one picture my colleague had added in December. As usual, I press ctrl+Z to undo, but nothing happened. I pressed the undo arrow on the board, nothing happened. My colleague, who initially pasted this picture, tried to undo. Nothing. I went into the history of the board and tried to undo my actions from the last minutes. Nothing. Then I contacted the owner of the board, and she tried the history but couldn’t replace the picture either. We also thought about going back to another version, but we only had one from yesterday 09:18 and today 12:16 - I made my error 11:48 - so we didn’t dare to change version since we might have deleted others work as well (some added stuff there yesterday, after the version was created).

I have been working in Miro since the pandemic started, so I have some experience of damage handling, but this I have never ever encountered! The conclusion is that none of us was able to undo this accidental pasting - what could be the reason for this?

2 replies

In simple words It seems like there might have been a technical glitch or a limitation within Miro that prevented the undo function from working after accidentally replacing the picture. It's possible this was an unusual issue specific to that action. To address it, reporting the problem to Miro's support team could help, and in the future, creating more frequent board versions or backups might mitigate risks associated with accidental changes. Communication and collaboration with the board owner and team remain crucial in handling such situations efficiently.

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@Sara Andersson - Since the board activity: history didn’t help you resolve the issue, I would recommend that you open a Miro support ticket by following these instructions:

Thanks @Robert Johnson! I placed a ticket there now, just to make sure this won’t happen again.

Feels a bit like the trust of Miro was damaged, so now I have downloaded backups of all my most important boards, just to be on the safe side.