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  • 9 April 2020
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I established already in the forum that I as team admin/owner can’t delete a board which is not owned by me. So the question is now, can I force the ownership of a board to me? Or can I at least going forward restrict who can create boards? I want the users still have the opportunity to edit boards and within the boards, but I do not want them to be able to create them without my approval.

Looking forward to hopefully a positive answer.




3 replies

I don’t see a response, which leads me to believe there is not a clear answer. I have a similar problem. Users are creating a lot of clutter that cannot be administrated because I (the admin—we’ll call it admin, but it’s pretty soft since I can’t actually administrate anything) can’t delete empty boards that are not owned by me. 

Also, I can’t archive a board once a project is complete. I understand that if I am the owner (which I am not), I can download a copy of the board then delete it. But that seems unacceptable. I just need to archive from view like every other platform. 

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@Chris Watson -

Until the Miro team provides a better solution for this, mine has to be create a “garbage can” project and just move all these boards into it - you are able to do that even if you can’t delete the board. Then, it will only clutter up the all boards view. You are also able to rename these boards - for example, add a “Z-” in front of them so it is clear they are garbage…


@Chris Watson @Kiron Bondale - I started to go down the following way:

  1. I removed the user(s), deleted the unwanted boards and invited the users again.
  2. Then I send an email to let users know that we should keep MIRO clean and that they should check from time to time if they are the owner of something which is not required and if so to delete it.

The problem has gone away for me.